Dr. Hicks grew up in Gig Harbor, in a diverse family of medical professionals and commercial fishermen. After her first trip to the family veterinarian at the age of 4, she knew she had found her calling. Her childhood passion for veterinary medicine compelled her to earn her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University. She joined the Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital team in 2008.

Dr. Hicks treasures the love and companionship that pets offer. She helps pets and their families lead harmonious, healthy lives. Her special interests include feline internal medicine and behavior. She is an active member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Veterinary Medical Association. Her passion for cats and their unique needs led her to establish Fidalgo Feline in 2017 while living in Anacortes. She and her husband, Eric, returned to Gig Harbor in 2020 and are proud pet parents of 3 cats (Yumi, Doppler, and Jack Attack). She has partnered with SOS Dubrovnik Cats in Croatia for their TNR program on Cavtat and serves as a medical advisor for Ernesto’s Sanctuary for Cats in Syria. Dr. Hicks delights in fostering kittens for Kindred Souls Foundation. Away from the office, she enjoys birdwatching, hosting dinner parties, and geeking out at Comicon and the Renaissance Faire. She and her husband, Eric, are proud pet parents of 3 cats (Yumi, Doppler, and Jack Attack).

Dr. Hicks and her family