Dr. Hicks is currently on sabbatical. She will return to practice in spring 2021.

We serve the Puget Sound region. Our expanded service area extends north to Seattle, west to Silverdale, east to Bonney Lake, throughout the greater Seattle area, and as far south as Olympia. Our services are tailored to cats and their families.

In- Person Behavioral Consultations – Suspended

Dr. Hicks is committed to your ensuring the bond between your family and your cat remains strong. After assessing your cat’s behavior and environment, she will provide a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan for your cat. She creates compassionate, innovative, and achievable solutions to your cat’s unique needs, and offers regular follow up to track your cat’s progress.

Dr. Hicks will collaborate with you and your primary care veterinarian throughout the treatment process. The first step is to e-mail us at and complete the behavior history form we send. We also require the last year of medical history for your cat. You may contact your primary care veterinarian to e-mail the records directly to Dr. Hicks. As medical problems may contribute to behavioral challenges, Dr. Hicks may request laboratory tests prior to a behavioral consultation. These tests would need to be performed by your primary care veterinarian.

After reviewing your cat’s behavior and medical history, Dr. Hicks will schedule a house call. The consultation will last approximately 60 minutes and include discussion of your cat’s diagnosis and demonstration of treatment strategies. A detailed treatment plan will be e-mailed to you and your primary care veterinarian. Medication may be prescribed if indicated. One month of phone and/or e-mail follow-up is included with your consultation.

Telemedicine Consultations – Suspended 

Receive a consultation while respecting social distancing! To schedule a telemedicine consultation, please e-mail us at We will provide a detailed behavioral history questionnaire to you and request the last year of medical history from your primary care veterinarian. The consultation will take place over Zoom. Payment will be accepted electronically through a secure payment processor. Dr. Hicks will e-mail a detailed report including diagnosis and treatment plan to you and your primary care veterinarian. One month of phone and/or e-mail follow up is included with your consultation.

Service Fees:

The listed fees below are for the basic service area within 20 miles of Gig Harbor. For services outside this area, please inquire for pricing.

In-Person Behavioral Consultations within a 20 mile radius of Gig Harbor are $300. Consultations between 20 to 35 miles from Gig Harbor are $400. For consultations that involve multiple cats with different behavior problems, please inquire for pricing.

Telemedicine Behavioral Consultations: $200

Payment is due in full at the time of service. We accept all major credit/debit cards.

Peeta, a former foster and graduate of Dr. Hicks’ “Feral Finishing School”. He now reserves his play for proper toys instead of toilet paper rolls.